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Saranghae pt.10

Jul. 6th, 2013 | 03:24 am

Title: Sarangahe
Pairing: yewon
Genre: angst,abuse,fluff,romance,M-preg
Rating: pg-nc

 Yesung bit his lip as he listened to mrs.choi words that tear his heart at that moment. He try to steal glances at siwon but it seems that the other guy didn't care about that at all. Knowing what would happen if he fight back yesung decided to ignore her. He then move nearer  siwon just to pour him a cup of  coffee but he stop when suddenly siwon yelled at the maid in the kitchen from his seat.

"ahjumma!! ahjumma!! come here!!" yesung that heard siwon’s high frequency voice startled and he was froze there waiting for what would happen. Just a few seconds after the harsh calls the maid came with nervous written all over her face.

"y-yes master siwon??" Mrs choi that was looking at her son then  look at the maid. Siwon hissed with his tensed face while glaring at the old maid.

"why did you let someone with dirty hand to make my food?! this! throw this food away and clean the kitchen, It's DIRTY!" once again yesung was startled and at that moment  he felt helpless because there was no one there for him. His so called husband didn’t even give a glance at him so who would?

“what is with the yelling in the morning?” everyone turned to look at the source of the voice, it seems that mr.choi  was already there, only that no one noticed him as he decided to observe what was happening just now. Yesung immediately pour the coffee for mr.choi only as he knew that siwon and mrs.choi didn’t want to eat or drink anything that was made by him. A small appreciating smile drew on mr.choi face for yesung then a loud sound of mocking could be heard from his wife, yet he ignored her.

“yesung come sit here, eat with us” he said calmly while siwon already  rolled  his eyes, he turned around then he glared at yesung like he was telling him to decline the offer. Being the obedient  wife yesung was, he thought carefully how to decline. With his hand playing with the end of his shirt’s , yesung slowly look up at his father in-law.

“it’s okay mr.choi, I already in the kitchen just now when I’m preparing for breakfast .”

“hmm? Mr.choi? call me appa, you’re married to siwon now so you should call us appa and umma okay?”

Yesung was touched, he never thought that mr.choi was actually nice and warm, he was about to open his mouth but then suddenly a loud voice interfered.

“don’t call me umma!! I never accept you as my son in law so don’t ever dream to be one!” Yesung gasped a little hearing that but he still put on his calm face while siwon only smirking like mocking at him. As he listened to his wife,  mr.choi look at her in anger. He was about to scold her but he didn’t   when yesung suddenly said something.

“I’m sorry..mrs.choi I won’t call you like that..excuse me, I’ll go upstairs first.” With that, yesung immediately left to siwon’s room. Upset with the wife mr.choi sighed hard. Siwon that only watching calmly look at his watch then he stood to settle something. Before he could move a voice called for him.

“I’m really upset with both of you, especially you son” mr.choi then left to the company while mrs.choi still showed her displeased expression. Feeling a little bit of frustration for letting down his father, siwon ran his fingers through his black hair.

“I’m going to my room first” once again siwon stopped when a hand stop him from moving. Mrs.choi glared at siwon while her son rolled his eyes.

“I’m only going to take some document umma, I’m not going to see him..”  The middle aged woman smirked then she drank the plain water in one go.

“listen here siwon, umma don’t you to share that room with him, just put him in the maid room, that should be enough for him.” Sure siwon didn’t admit that he like or actually love yesung, but his heart shows everything, it would beat fast when yesung was around and when mrs.choi said that there was a pain that crept into his heart. But his ego was too high to make him admit, he was even lying to himself into believing that he hate his wife.

Yesung was sitting on the floor while looking at the ceiling blankly, he lost in a deep thought about this marriage and his child, it was so depressing to know that he must get through this pregnancy alone without his husband.

Suddenly there was a door opened sound and it pulled yesung back to the reality immediately. He look at the door and found siwon was standing while staring at him from that distance. They look into each other’s eyes for a while before swon broke the silence.

“choose.” Only a word was let out by siwon that made yesung confused.

“choose w-what?” yesung stuttered a little , afraid to say anything that displease siwon for the sake of his baby. Siwon playing with his car’s key while move to sit on the edge of the bed facing yesung.

“choose whether you want to stay at home with my umma or go to work.choose” Siwon’s smirk make yesung sure that either one is not going to be good, yet he had to choose. Siwon then tapped his finger on his chin like he was thinking about something.

“ah~ wait…I forgot to tell you something, If you want to work then you can only work UNDER me and only I that can give you your position. Got that?” Yesung’s forhead crumpled while looking at siwon with many thoughts going through his mind. It  took a few minutes before he gave his answer.

“If I want to work…what position you will give me?” small laugh came out from siwon’s mouth, even though it just a small sound, yesung took it as something bad.

"let's see.....you'll be an office boy, it suits you well."



Sorry!!!!!! I'll continue tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! I know this is short but i'm so tired right now, i've got lots of assignment to do.,so please forgive me!!

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Saranghae pt.9

Jun. 10th, 2013 | 09:03 pm

Title: saranghae pt.9
Pairing: yewon
Characters: yesung,siwon,wonsung,suju,others.
Genre: angst,abuse,fluff,romance,MPREG!!
Rating: pg-nc

yesung sat at the edge of the bed feeling akward. He didn't know what to do,he want to sleep,but would siwon let him sleep on the same bed with him? He wanted to sleep on a sofa unfortunately there was none in that room. So he decided to wait for siwon to finish his bath.
Just when he was becoming sleepy,the bathroom's door opened from the other side revealing siwon that only wore a small towel around his waist. Yesung gasped after he saw it and immediately he look away in embarassment. His cheeks were reddening causing siwon to smirked sarcastically.
"why you look away? Don't you like to see hot bodies like mine?"
yesung hurted by those words,he really couldn't change siwon's view about him,couldn't he?
"i'm not like that.." yesung answered short then siwon's face changed.
"liar! Such a whore,,"
That was yesung's limit,his face became red then he stood immediately faced siwon. Tremblingly he opened his mouth.
"and who was..the one that..RAPED this WHORE,..hmm?"
yesung glared at siwon but in a blink of eyes a hard slap landed on his fluffy cheeks. That sudden attack caused yesung to stumbled then he fell onto the floor with both his arms protecting the child inside his tummy. Meanwhile siwon's breath became unstable because he was in mad states,yesung's words harmed his precious pride.
"close your mouth! Learned to talk back now don't you?! If you want that baby to be born safely then don't ever talk back at me got it?!" siwon put his feet on top of yesung's tummy with a small force. Yesung's tears start to fell while he tried hard to push away siwon's feet from harming the child.
"you can hate me all you want ...but..i beg you,..s..spare..this child...even..if y..you don't want..t..this baby...at least...have mercy..for this child...this..in..my..t..tummy...is love"
An unknown feeling crept in siwon's heart and immediately he pulled his feet away then he punched the wall. The scene of siwon's hand bleeding and yesung crying on the floor shouldn't happen on their first night yet the fate had written everything.

"sleep there." short,just like that siwon went in front of the wardrobe then he only put on a short boxer before he closed all the lights and layed on the fluffy bed. Meanwhile without any comforter yesung crying while trying to sleep on the carpeted floor,no blanket nor pillow,and what most,without an embrace of a husband that he deserved for his first night.
'at least i still have my baby...' yesung whisphered before he fell asleep.

It was dawn and siwon that can't sleep well opened his eyes. He could heard someone was taking a shower in the bathroom,maybe yesung didn't want to make him mad that's why he wake up earlier siwon thought. He heard sounds from the door then he pretend to sleep again with his eyes slightly open.
Yesung walked out with a wet hair,he wore a thin white shirt and short pants that exposed his milky legs. Siwon gulped looking at the scene then he cursed himself for attracted to yesung. Didn't want to lose control,siwon acted like he was just wake up then immediately he walked past yesung to the bathroom. His eyes took a short glance at yesung's cheek that he slapped last night,he then noticed that there was a slight blueish colour formed on the pale skin. Something tugged in his heart yet he wiped it away then he slammed the bathroom's door immediately.
Yesung that noticed siwon's stare could only look down while he drying his wet hair and legs.
After he get ready yesung make his way to the kitchen to serve breakfast. When the maid saw him she rushed to stop him.
"master yesung please don't do it,master siwon will scold me!" yesung smiled then he shook his head.
"don't worry ahjumma,he won't scold you,trust me ne? And just call me yesung," the maid looks like she wasn't agree but still she smiled and nodded a little. Yesung look at the maid that went away,if only she know the real situation yesung thought,then they'll know that he was lower than the maids. He was too engrossed with serving the breakfast that he didn't notice that siwon and mrs.choi already settled down on the dining table.
"you make breakfast?" mrs.choi asked yesung with mocking voice while siwon just put his stoic face on display.
"y..yes mrs.choi" yesung stuttered then a small laugh could be heard.
"hahaha,..so you already know your place? Good then,call me mrs.choi just like all of the 'maids' in this house"
yesung look down,he felt like stupid yet he had to endure this.

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Saranghae pt.8

May. 11th, 2013 | 03:40 pm

Title: saranghae pt.8
Pairing: yewon
Characters: yesung,siwon,wonsung,suju,others.
Genre: angst,abuse,fluff,romance,MPREG!!
Rating: pg-nc

Yesung sat in front of the mirror looking at his reflection without any smile. His fine combed hair matched with his pale face made his charm stood out. Then his eyes averted to his white tux with a red rose on chest.
'eomma...your son is getting marry today...' he tried to smile like someone that was happy.
'and you'll get a grandchild soon...' this time he closed his eyes tried to feel the existance of the baby..and that's it. He couldn't help it as the tears fell wetting his cheeks.
'you don't have to worry about my future husband eomma...he is,.he is nice,..deep inside,i know he is..'
"yesung-ah..the wedding will start soon,let's go now"
he turned around to the source of voice finding his father stood in front of the door.
"abonim..." yesung went to the elder and hug him tightly.
"abonim...is this the best thing to do?"
yesung's father sighed then he held yesung hand to calm him.
"maybe this is not the best thing to do,.but i'm sure that..this is the right thing to do..sometimes,we have to do the right than the best thing.." yesung nodded in agreement then he forced a small smile on his lips.
"thank you abonim,."

Meanwhile in the garden,everyone had been waiting for yesung to come out excluded siwon. He just stare at the ring that eunhyuk carried with unreadable expression.
Despite the unwillingness he still look undeniably handsome wearing the black tux with his hair combed to the right with style.
Siwon snapped out from his deep thought when he heard some of his family whisphered to each others,then he look up and his eyes met yesung's.
Because of too much staring,siwon didn't even realised that yesung was already in front of him. The look on both of their faces was making the people around them to start whisphering again. Siwon's face showed a slight confusion,mad and questioning expression,while yesung gave the pleading and scared looks.
It was a moment of silence before the priest called them.
He asked the permission to start and both of them only gave a slight nodded.
When the priest started,yesung casted his eyes down at his feet feeling nervous. He was so into calming himself that he didn't even realised that siwon already said 'i do'.
"kim jongwoon sshi?"
"a-ah? Ne?" a tinted pink could be seen on his cheeks,he was embarrass that he could hardly breath. Unlike yesung,siwon that already said his vow look so calm,and his eyes didn't left yesung even a second.
Yesung took a deep breath before he proceed.
"yes..i do"
As the priest declared their marriage,yesung couldn't help but let tears fell from his eyes as siwon slided a silver ring on his finger . He didn't know what he felt anymore,happy? Sad? It was left without answers.
"you may kiss him now"
siwon approached yesung then slowly he lifted his wife's chin,he took a few moment to look into yesung's eyes and it caused both of their heart to beat faster. Slowly siwon shortened the gap between them and their lips met for the first time after the dark's incident. Yesung closed his eyes then more tears fell. For him,maybe that was the only time siwon would be nice to him and after that,he was sure that his life would be the same as hell,he just knew it.

The clock showed that it was already 1.38 a.m . Yesung that already bathed and changed his clothes was standing alone at the balcony. Siwon still didn't come into 'their' room since there were still few family that stayed to congrates him. Yesung didn't bother to meet them because all of them didn't show their interest to welcome him into their family. His father already went home sent by donghae and eunhyuk. He could see the sadness in his father's eyes when siwon didn't greet him properly and he didn't even bother to smile at the old man. The last words from his father make him sad.
'don't worry about me,,what important now is your husband,your place is beside him,whatever happened..try to make him happy'
A small sobs could be heard from the balcony,yesung tried hard to stop himself from crying but he couldn't. Suddenly he heard someone entered the room and immediately he wiped the remaining tears before he turned around. Siwon was standing not far from yesung and he stared at him. He was wavering inside when he look at yesung's white legs.
'stop it siwon! You're not going to touch that village boy,disgusting'
siwon thought to himself before he rolled his eyes then he stormed into the bathroom. Yesung could only look down,deep inside he kept the hope that someday siwon would accept him whole heartedly.
sorry for the late update,i've been trying to update for several times but the words won't come,and since yesung already went into the army...well i...don't know what to say. T __ T

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Saranghae pt.7

Apr. 29th, 2013 | 01:20 pm

Title: saranghae pt.7
Pairing: yewon
Characters: yesung,siwon,wonsung,suju,others.
Genre: angst,abuse,fluff,romance,MPREG!!
Rating: pg-nc

A fierce slap landed on siwon's cheeck that caused him to stumble a little.
"what're you doing?! How dare you slap our precious son just because of that SLUT?!!!" Mrs.choi ran to her son then checked on siwon that only could stay still,he was still processing what his father said just now.
Mr.choi glared at both of his son and wife.
"no wonder siwon dare to do such things! It's all because of you that spoiling him too much!!!" the loud shout startled everyone especially mrs.choi,the living room turned silence. Only the unsteady breath of mr.choi could be heard.
"and for once you-" he paused then look at siwon with anger.
"must be responsible! Marry him!" without further waiting siwon look at him to show his protest.
"that is NOT my CHILD!"
"it's YOURS and you KNOW that!!" this time mrs.choi already crying.
"darling please don't force siwon!! "
"i'll force him! If only i teach you well from the beginning things won't be like this!" mr.choi still focused on his son while siwon only look down while pulling his hair feeling frustrated. Right at that moment the hatred towards yesung builded up more.
"appa there must be some mistake! You don't know yesung! Who knows how many guys he slept with before and after me! So i'm sure that it wasn't my child appa!"
"siwon!! Stop! Enough already! Whatever you say or think doesn't matter anymore! Appa believe that yesung is a good guy! Even if i've only met with him once i know that he was nice."
slowly mr.choi started to calm then he sat back on the couch,meanwhile mrs.choi still with her crying session and this time siwon's lip was locked. He put all the blame on yesung,he thought that yesung must had deceived his father with his innocent looks. He then jumped into the conclussion that yesung had plan this all along so that he could marry him.
'damn you yesung! I'll make you regret this!!'
"honey...how about lyn? You can't just cancel their engagement just like that! Honey please...think back about this please.."
mr.choi let out a small sigh.
"i'm sorry,they just have to learn how to accept the fact then.."
siwon still in his frustrated mood,he could only stare at the floor.
'what if the child is mine?....NO! NO! It's not! This is all planned by yesung! That bitch!!'


In a small cafe near yesung's house,a pair of couple was sitting in front of a pale but still georgous guy.
"hyung we're sorry...if only we're careful enough..then this thing won't be happening" eunhyuk said his sorry while donghae started to become teary. Yesung smiled then he look outside of the glass window.
"it's okay,,things happened anyway"
"it's not okay yesung hyung! I broke our promise,i broke it! I'm so stupid-"
"hae-ah please don't blame yourself,you didn't mean to tell mr.choi so it's alright really,this is my fate so i'll accept it no matter how my story will end.."
"thank you hyung..."
yesung smiled again then before eunhyuk and donghae could say anything their order came. Eventhough yesung displayed his calmness but deep inside nobody knew how scared he was to tie a promise in a marriage with siwon. It's something that he was sure wouldn't give him happiness. But he had to endure this for the sake of his baby and father,he had too.
"hyung did mr.choi already tell you when is the wedding date?" eunhyuk broke the silence first. Yesung still sipping his soup before he answer.
"ummm...he said that it's early next month..well,next month is my third month.."
donghae put his spoon down then he look at yesung.
"but hyung...next month is just less than a week from now,how about the preparation?!"
yesung sighed while carressing his still flat tummy.
"no need for preparation,there's only siwon's closest family,me and my abonim,since i don't have other family. The wedding will only be the simple one.i'm fine with it"
donghae still looking at his hyung,the same with eunhyuk. They could sensed the bitterness in yesung's words. Eunhyuk knew that it was mrs.choi who insist to make the wedding secretly just because she still dreaming for lyn to marry siwon. So he decided that he would be at yesung's side and help him with donghae.
"yesung hyung.,no matter what happen,donghae and i,we will always help you hyung,if you are tired,.tell us,so we could support you..if you are in pain..then share with us so that we can heal you..promise?"
yesung eyes started to get teary then he casted his eyes down so that they couldn't see the tears.
"i p-promise...thank you.."

~ sorry for the late update! Maybe i'll make a double update hehehehe~ and if you're from AFF please support my other fic^^

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Saranghae pt.6

Apr. 23rd, 2013 | 10:34 pm

Title: saranghae pt.6
Pairing: yewon
Characters: yesung,siwon,wonsung,suju,others.
Genre: angst,abuse,fluff,romance,MPREG!!
Rating: pg-nc

yesung sat on the floor with the door of their house opened. Mr. Choi just left, he was speechless as his mind flew to what happened just now.
"i want you to marry siwon..."
"i don't want!! I don't want to marry someone that rape-"
"stop. I won't believe that my son raped you" mr.choi said calmly while yesung trying hard not to disrespect the old man. Yesung's father only look down didn't know what to do,he never knew that yesung could easily sleep with someone. He couldn't believe it,no,he wouldn't believe.
"are you saying that i'm the one who trap your son to sleep with me?!"
mr.choi look away,the silence answered everything.
"i know that i'm poor mr.choi,but i still have my pride,that's the only thing that i have to show everyone that i'm worth to be respect..why you have to accuse me?! Taking the last bit of pride in me after what your son did to me?!" this time yesung didn't held his tears anymore,he let it fell non-stop as he pitying himself. What was the use of marrying siwon even if he loves him if it would lead to another stage of huge pain and suffer.
"yesung,,you have to marry siwon,you have his child,i don't want other people to labeled my son-"
"you just want to cover up what siwon did right?? Right?!"
mr.choi let out a loud sigh. Then he look at yesung.
"listen,your father is sick,he needs to be taken to the hospital,can you afford it? Of course no,and that child,you want your child to be starving and live like this?"
yesung could only shook his head.

It was mr.choi faults that he was confuse,the old men left him with many consideration to do. He stood slowly and closed the door while his father was still silencing himself until their eyes met.
"yesung..." there was sorrow in his hoarse voice. Yesung that knew what his father felt fell on his knee then he hug his father's leg immediately.
"a-abonim...i didn't do it..i swear i didn't do i-it.." he was crying harder than before.
"why yesung? Why?! Didn't i teach you enough about pride and honor?! Why would you still have to trap that guy?! You want his money so bad?! What's the point of sending you to study at london for 5 years?!! Just marry him....like what his father's want" the old man's tears that was hidden revealed as he couldn't take it anymore. Yesung tightened the hug just like his heart tightening.
"a-abonim! Why can't y-you trust me??? I'm your son!! Do you think that i'm like that??"
"what if i believe you?! Is it going to change the fact that people will look down on us?! The one that have money and power is the right one yesung! We that have nothing are the one to be blame!!"
yesung already cough because of too much crying while he look at his father that also let out his tears.
"abonim don't disown me please i beg you! I don't have anyone i just have you! Abonim...please"
There was no response at first but then slowly yesung was pulled into a hug by his father that already calmed down a little.
"i won't son,i won't,i believe in you!! abonim too only have you,yesung listen to me.."
"n-ne abonim?" yesung broke the hug to look at his father,waiting for what he's going to tell him.
"marry him...you need someone to take care of you,and the baby also need his father,you don't want this child to be happy? To have a complete family?"
"that's my last wish...marry him"
just when the words finished yesung smiled bitterly.
"if that's what you want....i'll follow that path",why are they so many thorned roads for him? Couldn't he just be happy?? If that was what the fate had written for him...he would accept with a brave heart to face every challenge just to ensure that the one that he love wouldn't suffer.

yay double update! This one is a little short but still and update~

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Saranghae pt.5

Apr. 23rd, 2013 | 06:19 pm

Title: saranghae pt.5
Pairing: yewon
Characters: yesung,siwon,wonsung,suju,others.
Genre: angst,abuse,fluff,romance,MPREG!!
Rating: pg-nc

It was a long day for yesung,he had been searching for work since morning but he still didn't have any luck. Yesung was graduated from a prestigous university from london,so after a slight of introduction about his academic's background,everyone wanted to employ him but when he told them that he was pregnant..they just said that they're sorry. He couldn't lie of course,he didn't like to hide about the pregnancy. Yesung sat on a bench to release a little bit of tiredness that engulfing him just now. He look at the sky and a small smile decorated on his face. Yes...the sky looks the same just like back then..the time when he met siwon. That fateful day when he was assign on the same team with him to do an assignment on a certain topic.
"yah! I don't know what's wrong with that old woman but how could he assign me with stupid head like you!!?"
yesung only looking down on his book that he read a while ago at the cafeteria before siwon came with his prince style disturbing him. Now all the people were looking at them when they heard that someone slammed the table. But still they couldn't hear clearly since yesung sat at the corner and siwon didn't shout too loud. Yesung was mad,just because siwon from a wealthy and honored family it didn't mean that he could shout at him just like that.
'watch your words! If it's not because of our status i would already make you kiss the ground with that stupid lips!!!!' yesung mentally shouted out loud in his mind,what a waste,siwon wouldn't hear any of it. He inhaled a little before he lifted his face looking at siwon with some kind of annoyed expression.
Ba dump! Ba dump!
Siwon heart skipped a beat,he was amuse looking at annoyed yesung. His eyes looking straight into the eyes then it travel to the smooth pale skin and lastly it landed on the plump lips that made his heart wavering. Yes,he,choi siwon had his eyes on yesung since their first year. Siwon would always secretly stole glances on yesung whenever he could but since he was the ego 'choi siwon' he would never admit it. Yesung didn't flirt with anyone and that's what make yesung so special in siwon's eyes.
Siwon was in his deep thought when he heard someone calling him.
"...sshi?? Siwon sshi??" yesung was calling for him and immediately siwon snapped from his daydream then he look away avoiding yesung's eyes.
"...about the assignment,do it yourself got it?! That is your punishment for being my partner!!"
yesung widened his eyes and before he could protest siwon turned around and left him there alone with anger. He sighed hard then he took all of his book and make his to his small apartment just near the campus. When he was on his way out he saw siwon with lyn,she was siwon's future wife or something like that. They were making out on siwon's sports car. Yesung tried to look away and continue walking with aching heart. Well,he like siwon since his first year there,so it was kind of sad that siwon already have someone. He didn't mind though,yesung knew his place well. He was a poor student that shouldn't have feelings for rich boy like siwon.
'it just love..it's not wrong to love him..'
yesung said in his heart. Deep inside yesung felt guilty,he was not just loving him,but he also dreaming to be with him which was wrong.
it was late already when yesung look at his watch,how long had he reminisced the old story? He didn't bother to count. All of that memories just tore him apart. When the sky had became darker,yesung decided to go home and called the day off. He would continue his searching tomorrow he thought to himself.
Yesung that didn't want to waste his money took his time slowly walking back home.
When he arrived there a panic rushed in him. There was a limo outside of their house and seeing that make yesung ran to the door and entered it immediately. In there he could see a man wore a suit sat front to front with his father. When they noticed that yesung was there,both of them turned to look at him. Yesung was startled,not because of the stranger but because he could see dry tears stained on his father's cheek. Yesung never once saw his father crying,this was the first.
"abonim?? What's wrong?"
yesung already make his way to his father then he wiped the remaining tears. Still,his father didn't say anything nor react to him.
"yesung sshi?" yesung turned to the stranger then he bow a little.
"nice to meet you,i'm choi ki ho"
the room was spinning as he heard the stranger's name. Who didn't know choi kiho? He was the famous owner of choi corp and his only heir was choi siwon. The one that yesung didn't want anything to do with anymore. But the opposite things seems to happened.

hello! Since everyone want a longer chapter i'll try to double update! And~ i want to ask for suggestion,can anyone suggest me some names for yesung and siwon's girl and boy babies?

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Saranghae pt.4

Apr. 18th, 2013 | 11:13 am

Title: saranghae pt.4
Pairing: yewon
Characters: yesung, siwon,wonsung,suju,other..
Genre: angst, abuse,fluff,romance,MPREG!!
Rating: pg-nc17

He tried to open his eyes slowly but all that he could see was only darkness without end, he felt like floating as he was slightly trying to move his body yet he couldn't. Suddenly,a small sound trespassed his eardrums,he knew what was that sound,it was the sound of a crying baby..he was sure. The crying baby's sound then turned slowly into a boy sobbing.
This time yesung opened his eyes again then with a little shock he look at the boy that was crying in front of him. Who was that boy? His eyes catched the glimpse of the boy silky black hair that was exactly like him,and yesung was sure that the plump lips was the same with him too,red and thin. He was so into staring at that boy when once again he realised that the boy's eyes and nose really were the same just like that person,the one that he love dearly,choi siwon. Then it hit him...was it..his child? Siwon and his child? Yesung's lips trembled while he tried his best to move his body that won't move even an inch.
'mommy..*sobs* i-i want*sobs* daddy~'
"baby!" yesung snapped from his sleep with sweats full on his forehead and neck until it dripped to his shirt. He wiped the sweat slowly,he inhale for a while,still processing what the dream was about,when he finally sober a little tears started to fell with his hand clucthed on the bedsheet,trembled a little while his other hand moved to touch his tummy with love.
"mommy love you baby...b-baby wants daddy?"
That night yesung spent crying while talking to his unborn child,while the moon witness him.
"he was raped?! Raped?! Hyukkie why don't you tell me?!" Donghae already crying with eunhyuk trying to calm his lover down.
"hae please,please don't cry,please" he said as he move to hug the other guy tightly.
"what's wrong with your cousin?! Didn't he know that yesung hyung is suffering because of him?! Hyung is poor hyukie! Now that he quit the job h-how is he suppose to support the baby?" eventhough eunhyuk wanted to help yesung but he couldn't do much,siwon was his cousin,he had choices to make.
"hae..we'll help yesung hyung okay? I promise,and...are you sure that he was pregnant?"
"i'm sure hyukkie...he's pregnant with siwon's child"
"WHAT?!!!" both eunhyuk and donghae was startle by a loud voice from behind them,they turned their head slowly with donghae still sniffing,their eyes widened as they saw mr.choi ki ho which was siwon's father was standing behind them,and only God knows how long that old man had been there.
"u-uncle.." eunhyuk stuttered a little,he was scared,panic and obviously nervous to find any excuse to cover what he had been saying just now in case his uncle heard something.
Donghae froze in his seat,he didn't know wether this was a good thing or not,he knew mr.choi well,he was the man of justice and he would surely make siwon responsible for his own act. But,.he promised yesung to make siwon to stay away from him,,he promised..and with siwon's ego and bad tempered attitude,it won't be good if mr.choi force him to be responsible,donghae believe that would make yesung suffer more.
"is it true about that yesung guy pregnant siwon's child?? Eunhyuk..tell me." eunhyuk tried to avoid the sharp glare from mr.choi,just like donghae he was sure that this wouldn't be good for yesung.
"uncle i.,it.."
"honest with me,.is it true,or not?" a loud sigh could be heard,the burden was all on eunhyuk's shoulder alone,even donghae couldn't say anything.
"it's,..true uncle.."
there was a handful of silence lingered around them,what would be mr.choi decission after this? Is it a one step closer to happiness or pain?

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Saranghae pt.3

Apr. 12th, 2013 | 08:50 pm

Title : saranghae pt.3
Pairing : yewon
Characters : yesung, siwon,wonsung,suju,others.
Genre : angst, abuse,fluff,romance,MPREG!!

"p-pregnant?!" donghae's eyes widened as he heard the big secret of his hyung while stuttering. Yesung bit his lip preventing himself from crying.
"hyung....who's the father??" oh no..that was a question that he didn't want to answer at all,why it has to be donghae that ask him? Yesung could only inhale deeply once again before his eyes focused back on his dongsaeng.
"i'm the father and i'm also the mother,this baby only need me hae," yesung tried hard not to show his real expression that full of sorrow and longing for someone to protect him. Listened to the elder's answer broke donghae's heart into pieces. His hyung,the one that had protected him from his abusive parents in his past,was suffering in front of him while he couldn't do anything. That thought only had forced the tears to fall from his eyes hard.
"h-hyung..why didn't you..tell me w-when you're suffering?? Who's the real father?? Why he didn't want to be responsible? Hyung..."
They didn't care anymore with the eyes in that restaurant that were looking at them oddly,yesung closed his eyes and tears continue to fall again.
'how can i tell you that i was raped hae? How?' the aching heart in him repeated that phrase again and again endlessly until he opened his eyes.
"what's the point to know about the father when he never wants this child to begin with? I'm not a beggar hae,..i also have my pride..i'm not desperate for him if he don't want me and this little creature inside of me..i'll find a way to live..i know that i will..." without any expectation of what would happened,yesung was suprised when donghae rushed from his seat to hug his hyung tightly...for a second there he felt so relief that there was a person that care for him enough to shed tears for his pain,he was glad.
Donghae was no longer seated in front of him,he sat next to yesung while held their hands together.
"hyung..you really need this father's child by your side..of course i'll be by your side,but having that person will be different,,"
There was a handful of silence after donghae gave his opinion to yesung. Both of them already calmed but the sadness still lingered around them,luckily that they choosed to sit at the corner so it was a little bit hidden even though they could still be seen.
"donghae..that choi siwon will never wants to be respon-"
"choi siwon?!"
Before he could finish his word donghae suddenly cut him,and that startled yesung a bit.
"yes...i used to work with him." donghae was drowned in his own thought for a while.
"hyung..is he..choi siwon the CEO of choi corporation?..he is..isn't he?"
yesung only nodded then a gasp could be heard by him. The younger let out a long sigh caused yesung to be confused a bit.
"i..hyung...i'm engaged to siwon's cousin,eunhyuk.." that name was familiar with yesung,even though he was shocked but he wiped it away as he didn't have a problem with eunhyuk,he was a sweet caring guy just like donghae,they were perfect for each other.
"congratulation..i'm happy to hear that hae-ah..eunhyuk is a good guy,.even though i'm a bit shock..what a small world right?"
they exchanged a small smiles and happiness to each other.
"but still hyung..i never knew that siwon is like that...i'll promise you hyung,i'll make him responsible for his act,i promise you."
yesung immediately shook his head in horror.
"no hae,no,hyung don't want to have anything to do with him anymore,please,help me,help me by making him to stay away from me,please.."
"if that what you want hyung..even though i'm disagree..i'll protect you from him.."
only god knew how relief and grateful yesung was for him to meet donghae in that kind of circumstances,he was just hoping that there will be no more choi siwon in his future,even if he still had feelings for him.

~Hello! Actually i forgot to inform to my readers that this story was not my idea,back then i write this because of the novel that i read 'andai itu takdirnya',i like it sooo much that i want yewon to be the main characters,for malaysian reader that know or have read the novel,you'll know how this story will develop from time to time,but still it's not the same 100%,it just influence this story half,that's all. So still,the credit goes to the novel.^^ happy reading! Love all of you!

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At the hospital

Apr. 11th, 2013 | 04:05 pm

I'm at the hospital right now taking care of my father,hmm,need to fine somewhere to charge my phone! If not then i can't update tonight coz i'm spending the night here,

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Saranghae pt.2

Apr. 11th, 2013 | 02:26 am

Title: saranghae pt.2
Pairing: yewon
Characters: yesung,siwon,wonsung,suju,others.
Genre: angst,abuse,fluff,romance,MPREG!!
Rating: pg-nc17!(maybe)

The stares of people from along the street made it way to the weak-looking guy with pale yet fair skin. Beauty that could made the women lingered by jealousy while the man drools over him. Yesung had just went out from the hospital after he purchased about half of the important medicine that his father needs. He couldn't buy all of the in 'need-to be taken' list since the money wasn't enough. If he spend it maybe they couldn't eat this month, it was sad...but yesung couldn't do anything as he was quite weak to get a job because of the pregnancy. Shouldn't he be asking for their relative's help? No,he couldn't,they didn't have any relative left,at least he thought so,well,no relatives would remember about his parents that had elope far away from their family.
Yesung kept on walking when suddenly he craved for steak when he walked passed the italian restaurant full with the sweet scent of wine and savoury smells of mouth-watering foods.
Yesung inhaled deeply trying to ignore the crave that killing him,but he knew that it was his baby that wanted the steak yet he couldn't get it. Tears threatening to fall with all the sadness that he had been keeping away,he took out his wallet then he counted the last amount that he had with him. A loud sigh escaped the plump lips with a little trembling,yesung look back into the restaurant from the outside. His eyes catched a sight of a pregnant lady that was eating happily with her spouse. Sometimes the guy feed her with love and it made yesung felt more than worst. He didn't even know what the feeling was when he could only focused on the tears that fell non-stop wetting his cheecks.
"baby..mummy so sorry..m-mummy can't buy it,b-be a good baby n-ne?" yesung said it between his soft sobs while caressing his flat tummy with love. He love his baby so much just like he love the baby's father,that couldn't be deny at all.
"yesung hyung?? Is that you?"
A voice called for yesung not far from where he stood,still in shock because of the sudden calling he turned around with tears that kept on falling without even wipe it a bit. That person was startle for sure looking at yesung condition and it broke his heart then without waiting the were hugging each other.
"Oh My God!! It's really you hyung!!"
"d..d..donghae?" donghae broke the hug then he cupped yesung's cheeks with his palms,yesung forehead started to crumple and his lip trembling then without any explaination he bursted out in tears,glad that he met with his caring dongsaeng when he was in college.
"hyung? What've happened?" instead of answering yesung hug donghae tightly then he borrowed the other's shoulder to laid on while shook his head.
After a moment of sadness they finally settled down at the italian restaurant. Yesung declined at first but donghae ignored it and said that the treat was on him. The way yesung look made donghae sure that something had happened and by hook or by crook he wanted to know what it is and help his hyung.
"tell me hyung...i want to help you,if you don't want me to interfere with the problem it's fine,but at least lessen your burden and let me be your listener.." donhae pleaded while yesung only look at his intertwined fingers blank. It had been about 3 years they didn't meet so it added to his worries for not to burden donghae with his problems. But the guy seems sincere to help him.
they both change an undescribable stares before donghae's eyes watering.

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